Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wildlife and sunrises

While walking my dogs this morning, two things caught my eye. I made them finish their job as quickly as possible, then ran inside to get my camera, and back outside to get these shots.

The first (left) is of the sun rising. I like how the sun was peeking between the buildings, and the colors in the sky were so beautiful!!!

These shots are of a group of Canadian geese on the pond. This cracked me up, because as we were walking this morning, the geese just looked at me and my dogs (one of which is a large black lab), and then proceeded to completely ignore us with the type of dignity only a goose could muster. However, when I came back outside with the camera, they all began to freak out and honked at me very loudly. I was hoping to get a good group shot of them on the water, but they all took off. So, I got some action shots instead. These are my first shots of this type, and they are a little blurry, but I was excited to get them.

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